Saturday, April 7, 2018

Spring 2018 Test Tile Post -- Glaze Reference post

2018 (Spring) Glaze Test Tiles -- Reference post

This is an update to the last test tile post from July 2016 and meant to be a general resource for studio members, we're doing test tiles to show what various glazes look like with one glaze interacting with another.  This is not the complete list and some of the tiles show glazes (e.g. Wax Wing Brown) that have recently been discontinued and we currently don't have any Blue Celadon in stock.  In particular, we're missing interactions with our more recent Turquoise and Temoku Red Gold glazes. 

Our glaze test tile storage area near kiln room. 

The left side of the tile is dipped in (GLAZE A), then the right side dipped in (GLAZE B), ensuring a overlap in the middle of (GLAZE B OVER GLAZE A).  Then the bottom half of the kiln is re-dipped in (GLAZE A).  This means the bottom left patch of the tile shows (GLAZE A) as either a double dip or a longer dip of (GLAZE A).

In the reference below, AB = glaze B over glaze A, and BA = glaze A over glaze B, etc.

Colours in the tiles below cover a subset of the current glazes in the studio (not comprehensive) and fired at a cone 6 temperature.  

  1. Satin white, Blue Celadon
  2. Satin white, Butterscotch
  3. Satin white, Floating Blue
  4. Satin white, Grape
  5. Satin white, Licorice
  6. Satin white, Noxema Blue
  7. Satin white, Nutmeg
  8. Satin white, Raspberry
  9. Satin white, Fog Gray
  10. Satin white, Waxwing Brown
  11. Satin white, Wood Fired 
  12. Satin white, Spearmint 
  13. Butterscotch, Blue Celadon 
  14. Butterscotch, Floating Blue
  15. Butterscotch, Grape
  16. Butterscotch, Licorice 
  17. Butterscotch, Noxema Blue  
  18. Butterscotch, Nutmeg 
  19. Butterscotch, Raspberry 
  20. Butterscotch, Cash Blue

  1. Butterscotch, Waxwing Brown
  2. Butterscotch, Wood Fired 
  3. Butterscotch, Spearmint 
  4. Floating Blue, Blue Celadon
  5. Floating Blue, Grape
  6. Floating Blue, Licorice
  7. Floating Blue, Noxema Blue
  8. Floating Blue, Nutmeg 
  9. Floating Blue, Raspberry
  10. Floating Blue, Blue Jeans (tile error, Blue Jeans too thin)
  11. Floating Blue, Waxwing Brown
  12. Floating Blue, Wood Fired 
  13. Floating Blue, Spearmint
  14. Nutmeg,  Blue Celadon
  15. Nutmeg,  Grape
  16. Nutmeg, Licorice 
  17. Nutmeg, Noxema Blue
  18. Nutmeg, Raspberry 
  19. Nutmeg, Gray Blue Shimmer
  20. Nutmeg, Waxwing Brown 

  1. Nutmeg, Wood Fired 
  2. Nutmeg, Spearmint 
  3. Grape, Blue Celadon
  4. Grape, Licorice
  5. Grape, Noxema Blue
  6. Grape, Raspberry
  7. Grape, Cash Blue 
  8. Grape, Waxwing Brown
  9. Grape, Wood Fired 
  10. Grape, Spearmint
  11. Clear, Satin White
  12. Clear, Spearmint 
  13. Clear, Butterscotch
  14. Clear, Floating Blue
  15. Clear, Grape
  16. Clear, Blue Celadon
  17. Clear, Noxema Blue
  18. Clear, Nutmeg
  19. Clear, Blue Jeans
  20. Clear, Gray Blue Shimmer

  1. Clear, Waxwing Brown
  2. Clear, Wood Fired
  3. Clear, Spearmint
  4. Spearmint, Blue Celadon
  5. Spearmint, Licorice
  6. Spearmint, Noxema Blue
  7. Spearmint, Blue Jeans
  8. Spearmint, Gray Blue Shimmer
  9. Spearmint, Waxwing Brown
  10. Spearmint, Wood Fired
  11. Blue Celadon, Noxema Blue
  12. Blue Celadon, Blue Jeans 
  13. Blue Celadon, Gray Blue Shimmer
  14. Blue Celadon, Blue jeans (redo)
  15. Blue Celadon, Wood Fired
  16. Blue Celadon, Spearmint
  17. Licorice, Noxema Blue
  18. Licorice, Blue Jeans
  19. Licorice, Gray Blue Shimmer
  20. Licorice, Waxwing Brown

  1. Licorice, Wood Fired
  2. Noxema Blue, Wood Fired
  3. Noxema Blue, Blue Jeans
  4. Noxema Blue, Gray Blue Shimmer
  5. Noxema Blue, Waxwing Brown
  6. Blue Jeans, Gray Blue Shimmer
  7. Blue Jeans, Waxwing Brown 
  8. Blue Jeans, Wood Fired
  9. Gray Blue Shimmer, Waxwing brown 
  10. Gray Blue Shimmer, Wood Fired
  11. Gray Blue Shimmer, Floating Blue 
  12. Floating blue, Cash blue 
  13. Grape, Blue Jeans (tile error, Blue Jeans too thin)
  14. Grape, Gray Blue Shimmer
  15. Grape, Fog Gray
  16. Grape, Cash Blue
  17. Licorice, Blue Jeans  (tile error, Blue Jeans too thin)
  18. Licorice, Fog Gray
  19. Licorice, Cash Blue
  20. Nutmeg, Blue Jeans  (tile error, Blue Jeans too thin)
  1. Nutmeg, Gray Blue Shimmer
  2. Nutmeg, Fog Gray
  3. Nutmeg, Cash Blue
  4. Satin White, Blue Jeans  (tile error, Blue Jeans too thin)
  5. Satin White, Gray Blue Shimmer
  6. Satin White, Fog Gray
  7. Satin White, Cash Blue
  8. Fog Gray, Cash Blue
  9. Cash Blue over Grape, Floating Blue over Nutmeg, overlap nutmeg over grape