Sunday, July 24, 2016

2016 Glaze Test Tiles -- Reference post

In preparation for a fall members workshop and as a general resource for studio members, we're doing test tiles to show what various glazes look like with one glaze interacting with another.

The left side of the tile is dipped in (GLAZE A), then the right side dipped in (GLAZE B), ensuring a overlap in the middle of (GLAZE B OVER GLAZE A).  Then the bottom half of the kiln is re-dipped in (GLAZE A).  This means the bottom left patch of the tile shows (GLAZE A) as either a double dip or a longer dip of (GLAZE A).

In the reference below, AB = glaze B over glaze A, and BA = glaze A over glaze B, etc.

Colours in tiles below cover a subset of the current glazes in the studio (not comprehensive) and fired at a cone 6 temperature.  As time permits, we'll try to make more tiles and make the tiles more comprehensive and to make a wall display in the studio. Click on picture to see a larger version.

  1. Satin white, Blue Celadon
  2. Satin white, Butterscotch
  3. Satin white, Floating Blue
  4. Satin white, Grape
  5. Satin white, Licorice
  6. Satin white, Noxema Blue
  7. Satin white, Nutmeg
  8. Satin white, Raspberry
  9. Satin white, Translucent Tan
  10. Satin white, Waxwing Brown
  11. Satin white, Wood Fired (tile error, will be redone)
  12. Satin white, Spearmint (tile error, will be redone)
  13. Butterscotch, Blue Celadon 
  14. Butterscotch, Floating Blue
  15. Butterscotch,  Grape
  16. Butterscotch, Licorice 
  17. Butterscotch, Noxema Blue  
  18. Butterscotch, Nutmeg 
  19. Butterscotch, Raspberry 
  20. Butterscotch, Translucent Tan 
  21. Butterscotch, Waxwing Brown 
  22. Butterscotch, Wood Fired 
  23. Butterscotch, Spearmint 
  24. Floating Blue, Blue Celadon
  25. Floating Blue, Grape
  26. Floating Blue, Licorice
  27. Floating Blue, Noxema Blue
  28. Floating Blue, Nutmeg 
  29. Floating Blue, Raspberry
  30. Floating Blue, Translucent Tan
  31. Floating Blue, Waxwing Brown
  32. Floating Blue, Wood Fired 
  33. Floating Blue, Spearmint
  34. Nutmeg,  Blue Celadon
  35. Nutmeg,  Grape
  36. Nutmeg, Licorice 
  37. Nutmeg, Noxema Blue
  38. Nutmeg, Raspberry 
  39. Nutmeg, Translucent Tan 
  40. Nutmeg, Waxwing Brown 
  41. Nutmeg, Wood Fired 
  42. Nutmeg, Spearmint 
  43. Grape, Blue Celadon
  44. Grape, Licorice
  45. Grape, Noxema Blue
  46. Grape, Raspberry
  47. Grape, Translucent Tan 
  48. Grape, Waxwing Brown
  49. Grape, Wood Fired 
  50. Grape, Spearmint

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