Saturday, October 17, 2015

Raku Workshop - November 8 2015

First notice that our co-op will be hosting a Raku workshop on November 8th, 2015. More details as they are confirmed.

Workshop normally open to co-op members and the public on a cost recovery workshop fee to pay for materials and the instructor.

Raku is a process where the clay is heated up quickly using a propane gas burner, taken out of the kiln chamber while red-hot and then placed in a container vessel with organic materials (e.g. straw), which catch fire and consume the local oxygen so the glaze is in a reduction environment. This results in glazes from bright green to copper oranges and reds. Any part of the piece not glazed can turn black from the carbonized organics.

The Journey to Mastery: Paintings and Pottery (art show Oct 14-24)

The Potters Studio is pleased that many of its co-op members are taking part in a joint art gallery show, in partnership with members from Lysette Sampson's painting group, @ The Guild in downtown Charlottetown.

Show pen from noon to 5pm Tuesday-Saturday from noon to 5pm.