Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter 2014 classes - extra Friday classes

Update on Class Registration

All of our adult classes are now full for the winter session but we are investigating the possibility of holding an additional class on Friday evenings. There are still openings for children ages 9 to 14 in the Saturday morning and afternoon classes beginning Jan. 17. Our next session will begin in mid-April. For more information, please call Barb at 902-368-3268.


T.Stretch said...

I'd be interested in a Friday beginner class.

Jaclyn said...

I am interested in a Friday evening beginners class!

Lisa said...

I know that names (waitlists, etc.) was taken at the registration night.

I don't know if the Friday evening class is already full from that list, but Barb (call 902-368-3268) would have that information.

T.Stretch said...

Thank you. I'll call her tomorrow.