Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Upcoming workshops: Sun Mar 9th, Sun Mar 23rd -- 2-4pm

Past Workshop

Ron Arvidson held a very informative and information-packed workshop at the studio this past Sunday, Feb 23rd.  Upon feedback from participants, the topic was switched to decorating techniques, including clay colouring, throwing mixed colour clay bodies on the wheel, making slip and decorating with slips.

You missed out on seeing Ron throw these vases if you weren't there!
Slip was made and left at the studio. Top shelf above bisquewares. 

Upcoming workshops

On Sunday March 9th, Ron will go over clay surfaces (decoration techniques, methods), and on Sunday March 23rd, he will go over glazes, making glazes, and decoration techniques.  Time from 2-4pm both days.

Ron's sessions are always informative and jam-packed with information.  These sessions are being offered by donation (suggested is $10 to cover his time, his preparation work, materials, etc.).  They're at more of an advanced level than regular classes and are aimed at members, but if you're interested and not a current member, call Judy at the studio some Wednesday evening.

Note -- blog info may be updated in the next week or so if I get more information.

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