Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Local potters interested in a Raku workshop?

The PEI Potters Studio is looking into hosting a Raku workshop in the upcoming months. If interested, please contact the studio on a Wednesday evening or leave a message on this blog entry. This is just an opening "call of interest" at this point. We also have a few people that are interested in buying a partial box of proper Raku-intended clay and names are being collected on the studio blackboard.

For general Maritime interest, if you like Raku pottery, please check out the works of PEI's "Smoke-Fired Pottery" and New Brunswick's Tim Isaac. Gorgeous pieces!


Dakota Oliver said...

I would love to attend this class!!

Lisa said...

It's not actually a regular class, but a one-day firing workshop, so you'd have to have some bisque fired pieces you wanted glazed and fired.

When it's confirmed, we'll be posting more details and the cost covers payment of supplies and for the instructor. It's normally in the range of $20-$40 for the day.