Monday, May 27, 2013

Annual Fundraising Sale: Aug 17th 2013, 9am-noon

Our annual fundraising sale is coming up!

Date: Saturday August 17th, 2013

Time: 9am to "noonish" 

Place: Confederation Centre, Charlottetown

Area: Side closer to Shoppers Drug Mart

We've got pieces donated by local potters, pieces from various studio members and odds and ends discovered left behind by students from various classes.

You never know what you'll find at the sale -- from the beautiful, to the sublime, to the silly, to the cracked but still usable piece (with the associated low price).  Large pieces, small pieces, and some pieces that you'll have no idea what the creator meant them to be used for.   

Our studio runs as a non-profit co-operative, and the funds from the sale help us keep us operating and the prices for our classes lower.  Help us out and pick up presents for yourself or other people.

New this year -- some members decided to create mini-sculptures (sea monsters and other shapes) for our kiln cone sets.  The sculptures range from cute to incomprehensible.  Collect one or more for a windowsill display or curiosity.

Glaze making workshop, Sun June 16th 1pm

There will be a glazemaking workshop for pottery studio members on Sunday June 16th 1pm (time changed to one week later from earlier posting).

Ron Arvidson will review basic techniques and tips and then we will each have a chance to make a complete batch of glaze.  If there's a recipe you're interested in trying out, please ask to see our inventory list of basic ingredients.  Note that we don't use some ingredients that have specific hazards (e.g. lithium carbonate).