Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soupy Saturday Final Tally


That was our final tally of money raised with the great folks at Back Alley Music. The money went 50% to the Upper Room Food Bank and 50% to the David MacDonald and Gerry Rutten Music Legacy Fund.

We ended up with about 40 bowls available which was really great. Thanks to everyone at the studio who donated time and bowls in getting this together.

Even before the doors opened at noon one of the bowls was sold and within a couple hours after that they all were gone. People flocked in and I heard many compliments both for the great soups provided by Beanz and the idea of Ron's to team up for this project. Seeing people walking around eating soup from a bowl I personally made, knowing the money is going to a couple good causes, was personally quite gratifying for me.

The band sounded great as well, providing a perfect soundtrack to a rainy Saturday spent indoors enjoying soup.

Stay tuned in the fall. This was so successful and fun to do that we'll definitely be doing it again!

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