Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Floating Blue

 The picture shows the amazing variation in colours that our floating blue glaze can achieve.

All the pieces shown have the same base clay and were thrown and glazed by the same person (Cathy).

The differences in colour is due to temperature variations on the different shelves.


Martin Cathrae said...

Oh the floating blue. As the one responsible for introducing it to the studio, I accept both the blame for it's variability, as well as the fame for it being probably the most popular glaze. :)

Now if I can only get the floating red to work!

Unknown said...

We see: colours as the remaining radiation after white (all wavelengths-Angstrom ) reflection from materials:

Violet: 3800 - 4500 Angstrom
Indigo: 4200 - 4500 Angstrom
Blue: 4500 - 4950 Angstrom
Green: 4950 – 5700 Angstrom
Yellow: 5700 - 5900 Angstrom
Orange: 5900 - 6200 Angstrom
Red: 6200 - 7500 Angstrom

Anonymous said...

I love it!!