Sunday, January 9, 2011

Website domain name registered

I made my life harder than it had to be, so there was a bit of swearing at unfamiliar jargon and how to change DNS settings, but our blog is now linked to our domain name.  I've asked Google to add it to its list of sites to crawl through so it should start showing up in searches within the next month.

If you type in or or -- all three should take you to our main blog page.  More features will be added as people volunteer their time and interests.  Besides updating with diferrent events and such, there's been suggestions for book reviews, a kiln schedule, student updates, etc. 

In the meantime, have some pottery pictures:

 Coilbowl in "oldwhite" glaze.
Small vase in our inconsistent and highly variable "waterfall brown" glaze. 

David has already started with more glaze tests, so we should have a better idea within the next month or so which glazes we will be "retiring", which we'll make cautions/advice on, and which will be recommended for glaze combinations.  The advanced class on Tuesday evenings is also going to make some trial glazes, so we're looking to introduce some new (and more consistent) glazes this year. 

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