Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Soupy Saturday Bowls

Once a month Back Alley Music in Charlottetown hosts something they call Soupy Saturday. Generally what happens is some local bands or artists perform over a few hours while people enjoy locally made soup. Donations are accepted and usually go to a local food bank.

One of our members/instructors had an idea to see if we could team up with Back Alley Music and make some bowls that people could take home with them, for some minimum donation (say $20). I talked with the folks at last Saturday's Soupy Saturday and they loved the idea.

So our plan is to make some bowls! Size wise we are thinking they should be standard soup bowl size, so somewhere in the 500-700g range for starting clay. I think 30-40 bowls should be our goal, so depending on how many of us are interested, that won't be too many per person.

The Soupy Saturday that we'll be at will be March 19, so that gives us just under 2 months to get the bowls ready, and time to get an announcement in The Buzz.

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