Saturday, January 22, 2011

AGM/Potluck/Google Searches

We had our potluck tonight at Joyce's place.  Excellent food was had by all and we had a good discussion about various matters at our AGM afterwards. More details will be forthcoming, but we brainstormed for more workshops/daytime classes, problems and solutions for helping to keep our studio running, and different ways we can work together as a co-op.  We're introducing a new method of tracking clay purchases that I hope will be easier for everyone (except Heather T. who'll be maintaining it). More information soon.

In the short term, we're hoping to have an outdoor raku workshop in May, and potentially a weekend 1-2 day weekend handbuilding workshop.  These events are open to members and the general public.  To give you an idea, our workshops are a bit more like this youtube video from samkellystudio with added potluck & fun rather than the (admittedly gorgeous) professional level of the raku produced by simplyearthpottery (youtube video).

For those that have been checking, we are now searchable (again) from Google (1st page of results!), if not from Bing.  We're hoping that this will help our current and future potters find out about classes, workshops and memberships.

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